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LDI 2014 New Product: Coolux Pandoras Box Version 5.7
Pandoras Box Version 5.7 and Widget Designer software version 4.7 are new from coolux.
LDI 2014 New Product: Ayrton Radical Range
The new Radical line of LED beam projection luminaires includes six fixtures, all based on Osram’s Ostar 15W RGBW chipset, coupled with 65mm 4.5º collimator optics.
LDI 2014 New Product: Avolites Quartz 
The Quartz is the newest and most cost-effective member of the Titan console range, featuring a bright, 12.1" built-in touchscreen, the latest onboard processing, and the flexibility of Titan Net connectivity.
LDI 2014 New Product: SGM Q-2 
The new Q-2 is based on the technology behind SGM’s P-5 wash light and the multifunctional Q-7/Q7W (wash, blind, strobe).
LDI 2014 New Product: Philips Strand Lighting NEO Lighting Control Console 
The NEO lighting control console gives designers and operators the ability to grab, move, change color, and motivate the lighting design using many time-saving features that allow the user to program faster and more accurately.
New Exhibitor To LDI: Epsilon Pro
Nationwide Video will exhibit at LDI for the first time this year, showing various professional audio, video, lighting, and LED gear.
LDI 2014 New Product: ETC Unison Echo
The Unison® Echo™ control system brings control to installations of any size and budget.
LDI 2014 New Product: Arclite Optronics MHD R Series Beam Lamp 
The MHD R Series provides a short arc, high color temperature lamp with high-level beam intensity that is optimized for color reproduction. It boasts long, reliable life, high-efficiency, and fast replacement.
New York Festival of Light Opens In Brooklyn

Wall Street Journal has a great video interview with multimedia artist John Ensor Parker of 3Search, who has projection-mapped the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage as part of the inaugural New York Festival of Light

LDI 2014 New Product: City Theatrical's D4 HP Dimmer 
The D4 HP Dimmer is a high-capacity dimmer for LED tape with four 10A output channels and a built-in power supply.
LDI 2014 New Product: Lightspace Venus II RGB 3W
The range of Lightspace laser projectors now includes several CDRH-certified versions.
LDI 2014 New Product: Philips Vari-Lite VL4000 Spot 
The VL4000 Spot luminaire is based on a Philips 1,200W Fast-Fit lamp, achieving more than 33,000 lumens of output and including the all-new Infinity color mix system.
LDI 2014 New Product: TLC Creative XyloBands 
XyloBands now feature full color control with RGB LEDs that can create millions of colors, including white, on each wristband, with the ability to change to any other color or shade at any speed.
LDI 2014 New Product: BRAQ Cube 4C Rosco 
The BRAQ Cube 4C is a color-mixing 100W LED fixture measuring 5" cubed and designed by Black Tank.
LDI 2014 New Product: GLP Impression X4 XL
The impression X4 XL uses an array of 55 RGBW high-output LEDs coupled with a 7° to 50° zoom range, producing light that can throw for extremely long distances.

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