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Coachella Site Lighting
After years of using Xenon searchlights for Coachella’s site lighting with varying results, festival organizers looked to Visions Lighting to come up with a new and innovative solution.
Ellie Goulding At Coachella: Main Stage 
Check out Ellie Goulding perform "Burn" on the 2014 Coachella Music and Arts Festival main stage, with lighting designed by Jamie Jensen.
Sound Product Of The Year, Wireless System: Sennheiser Digital 9000
The Digital 9000 system was developed for broadcast, theatres, and live performance applications, resulting in a suite of products one judge calls "the best sounding RF I’ve ever heard."
Martin Garrix At Coachella: The Sahara Tent 
Martin Garrix performs "Animals" in Coachella's Sahara Tent and stage, designed by Andrew Gumper of AG Light and Sound, with Josh Spodick as project manager, Andrew Giffin as programmer, and Vello Virhaus was video director and VJ for several acts.
Scenes From Coachella 
Check out scenes from Coachella Music and Arts Festival 2014, from the festival's thank you video.
Lighting Product Of The Year, Luminaire: Robe ROBIN MMX WashBeam
Robe developed the ROBIN MMX WashBeam using the same technologies of the MMX Spot, with a Phillips Platinum 35 source and the MMX optical system.
Sound Product Of The Year, Amplifier: d&b audiotechnik D80
The D80 amplifier is a high-power density amp designed for mobile and installation applications.
Lighting Product Of The Year, Effect/Accessory: Martin Professional MAC Viper Quadray
The MAC Viper Quadray is a multiple-beam effect that comes as a front lens replacement kit for any standard MAC Viper AirFX.
Lighting Product Of The Year, Software/Control: Madrix 3
Madrix 3 LED lighting control software aims to “take intuitive lighting control to the next level, which literally is the third dimension,” according to the developers at the software company.
New York Festival Of Lights Announces Dates, Site
The organizers of the New York Festival of Light (NYFOL) have announced the first full festival will take place November 6-8 in Foley Square in the Civic Center neighborhood of Lower Manhattan.
Ultimate Achievement
Ultimate Music Experience Brings Spring Breakers To South Texas.
Ultra Music Festival 2014  1
Check out Ultra Music Festival photos and video, this year's festival in Miami featuring a main stage set design by Richard Milstein, lighting and video design by Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting, and lighting and video production by AG Light and Sound.
The Value of XX
The xx perform for mere dozens at New York’s Park Avenue Armory.
Seventh Annual Excellence In Live Design Awards Announced
Announcing the winners of the Excellence In Live Design Awards, chosen by our readers in Architainment, Concerts, Corporate Events, Live For Broadcast, Theatre Production, Venues (Club or Lounge), and Venues (Theatre or Performance).
Reflections On The Life Of Demfis Fyssicopulos (1972-2014)
Thoughts, stories, commentary on the life of Demfis Fyssicopulos (1972-2014), who died while surfing near his home in Los Angeles.

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