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3D Printing: What Does It Mean To Our Industry?
I'm seeing more and more practical uses for 3D printing in the news these days. Clearly, this is not new technology, but how it's being applied could have implications to how we build sets, advance tours, and more. Check out this band performing the first live concert with a band consisting only of 3D-printed instruments at Lund University in Sweden.
Jim Digby Of ESA Calms The Storm Over Linkin Park
Jim Digby, executive director of Event Safety Alliance and production manager for Linkin Park, appeared on the Weather Channel earlier today discussing how he managed a crowd of thousands with a severe developing storm on its way just before the concert began earlier this month in Dallas.
LDI Exhibitors: Call For New Products
LDI exhibitors should sent new product information for coverage consideration in upcoming issues of Live Design.
New Exhibitor To LDI: Glow Motion Technologies
Glow Motion Technologies will exhibit at LDI for the first time this year, showing the Ghostband LED wristband.
Remembering Pasquale "Paky" Quadri

Pasquale Quadri, founder and chairman of Clay Paky SpA, passed away earlier this month in his home in Torre De Roveri, Italy at the age of 67.

Baz Halpin's Lighting Plots For Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour 
Check out the Baz Halpin's lighting plots for Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour.
A Perry Good Year: Baz Halpin's Prismatic Design For Katy 
Katy Perry kicked off The Prismatic World Tour in May with shows in Scotland and England, finally taking the tabloid focus away from her on-again/off-again/ending relationship with fellow singer-songwriter John Mayer and redirecting it on her career.
Scenes From Neon Trees' Pop Psychology Tour 
Check out scenes from Neon Trees' tour promoting its third album, Pop Psychology.
Neon Trees Lighting Plots, Renderings, And On-Site Video Interview 
Check out the Neon Trees lighting plots, stage renderings, and on-site video interview with Matthew Guminski in Central Park, New York.
Talk About Pop Music: On The Road With Neon Trees Pop Psychology Tour 
Neon Trees, the pop synth band that makes no apologies for catchy tunes like “Everybody Talks” and “Animal,” has been touring the last two months in support of Pop Psychology, its third studio album.
Brush With Greatness: An Updated Sagebrush Community Church 
Sagebrush Community Church of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was always going to expand beyond its original four walls at its Riverside Plaza location.
Scenes From The Space At Westbury 
Jeff Siegel, the venue’s technical director and systems integrator for Barbizon, and Rob Owens, production manager and sound designer, took us on a tour of the lighting, sound, and technical systems of The Space.
Space Exploration 
The Space At Westbury in Long Island, NY, reopened late last year after a gut renovation of what was a decades-old movie theatre and formerly a vaudeville house.
Coachella Main Stage Gear And Crew
Check out the Coachella Main Stage gear and crew!
Coachella Outdoor Theatre Stage 
Check out the images by Gilbert Baghramian, and read more about Todd Roberts' lighting design.

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