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LDI New Product: Novalight Nova-Scope
Nova-Scope from Novalight is a weatherproof aerial effect light that uses an HTI 2000W/D7/60 lamp and works in conjunction with a reflector to deliver its effects.
LDI New Product: PR Lighting XR 330 BWS
The XR 330 BWS from PR Lighting integrates beam, wash, and spot functionality in a single unit, using PR-patented technology and advanced 330W lamp technology via a Sirius HRI 330W discharge lamp.
LDI New Product: SGM G-1 Beam
The G-1 Beam moving head from SGM features high-power white LED light source, with a color wheel plus a gobo wheel.
LDI New Product: Lex Products PCS TRIO™
Lex Products' PCS TRIO™ offers a way to consolidate single and double pole relays as well as dimmers in a single panel.
LDI New Product: Jands Vista D1 Playback Processor
The new Jands Vista D1 Playback Processor was designed to expand the DMX processing capabilities of the Vista lighting and media control console range.
LDI New Product: Rosco/Black Tank Pica Cube
The Rosco Laboratories Pica Cube, designed by Black Tank, is the world’s first, pro-grade ultra-compact 20W LED fixture, according to the manufacturer.
LDI New Product: MA Lighting dot2 Range
The dot2 range from MA Lighting consists of three lighting consoles: the dot2 core, the dot2 XL-F, and the dot2 XL-B; two playback expansion wing solutions, the dot2 F-Wing and dot2 B-Wing; and the dot2 Node4 (1K) network output node.
LDI New Product: CITC Maniac
The new Maniac from CITC delivers strong fog output, multi-color LED lighting, and a rotating, moving head in one unit.
LDI New Product: Lee Filters Zircon Filters
Designed to overcome issues with filters fading when used with LED fixtures, Zircon Filters from Lee Filters have a lifespan of up to 200 times longer than standard filters and at more than double the thickness of a regular lighting filter (180 microns).
LDI New Product: TMB Solaris LED SoLED W840 Strobe
The compact Solaris LED SoLED strobe from TMB features linear rows of Cree® LEDs and advanced driver software for the look and feel of xenon at one-fourth the power consumption.
LDI New Product: Elation Professional Emotion
The EMOTION, which marks Elation Professional's entry into the digital lighting market, is a compact moving head digital light that offers an output of 4,000 ANSI lumens.
GLP Introduces impression X4 L And More At LDI 2
GLP's Mark Ravenhill demonstrates the key features of the new impression X4 L, available for demos at LDI.
LDI New Product: ImageCue
ImageCue is a compact image server that provides control of high-definition still images and videos with 12 channels of DMX.
LDI New Product: Vectorworks Spotlight 2016
Vectorworks Spotlight design software is available in a new version for 2016, providing greater capability and stability, improved tools for the design and documentation of overhead stage rigging, enhanced stage creation abilities, and more.
iHeart Radio Music Festival Packs In Two Days Of Talent 1
The iHeart Radio Music Festival hosted two days of mega stars performing last week at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV, with lighting and stage design by Tom Kenny, and set design and build by Tom McPhillips and his team at Atomic Design.
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