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LDI 2015 New Products
Check out a collection of new lighting, projection, and staging products that will be on display at LDI2015.
LDI New Product: Chauvet Professional Ovation E-910FC

The new Ovation E-910FC from Chauvet Professional is a five-color RGBA plus lime LED ellipsoidal.
LDI New Product: Philips Strand Lighting Neo Submaster and Playback Wings
The Neo Submaster Wing from Philips Strand adds 20 non-motorized faders in a 2x10 configuration, and the Playback Wing adds 10 motorized faders and five multi-function faders.
LDI New Product: Georgia Expo Manufacturing Company Party Photo Backdrops
Georgia Expo offers fully customizable 8’x10’ fabric backdrops, available with a logo, graphic, or image directly imprinted.
LDI New Product: digiLED LightSlice
LightSlice is a 10mm video pixel module from digiLED, designed for television or live indoor outdoor applications.
LDI New Product: Cosmic Truss U-Torm 100 And U-Top 100
The U-Torm system from Cosmic Truss has an expanded range of hanging positions for lighting, video projectors, and other equipment.
LDI New Product: Wildfire VioStorm VS-120 UV LED Fixture
The new VioStorm VS-120 UV LED series from Wildfire combines 365nm long-throw performance, with the control and efficiency of LEDs.
LDI New Product: Novalight Nova-Scope
Nova-Scope from Novalight is a weatherproof aerial effect light that uses an HTI 2000W/D7/60 lamp and works in conjunction with a reflector to deliver its effects.
LDI New Product: RC4 Wireless RC4Magic DMXpix
The RC4Magic DMXpix from RC4 Wireless is a tiny wireless DMX driver for pixel LEDs.
LDI New Product: PR Lighting XR 330 BWS
The XR 330 BWS from PR Lighting integrates beam, wash, and spot functionality in a single unit, using PR-patented technology and advanced 330W lamp technology via a Sirius HRI 330W discharge lamp.
LDI New Product: SGM G-1 Beam
The G-1 Beam moving head from SGM features high-power white LED light source, with a color wheel plus a gobo wheel.
LDI New Product: Lex Products PCS TRIO™
Lex Products' PCS TRIO™ offers a way to consolidate single and double pole relays as well as dimmers in a single panel.
LDI New Product: Jands Vista D1 Playback Processor
The new Jands Vista D1 Playback Processor was designed to expand the DMX processing capabilities of the Vista lighting and media control console range.
LDI New Product: Rosco/Black Tank Pica Cube
The Rosco Laboratories Pica Cube, designed by Black Tank, is the world’s first, pro-grade ultra-compact 20W LED fixture, according to the manufacturer.
LDI New Product: MA Lighting dot2 Range
The dot2 range from MA Lighting consists of three lighting consoles: the dot2 core, the dot2 XL-F, and the dot2 XL-B; two playback expansion wing solutions, the dot2 F-Wing and dot2 B-Wing; and the dot2 Node4 (1K) network output node.
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