Karl G. Ruling

G. Ruling
Standards Watch: BS 8901 Events Sustainability Management System Specification 
There now is a British Standard that can help us stage sustainable events, and it may become an international one.
Rising Above It All: Lifting Technology Pros and Cons 
How do you make a part of a stage go up and down?
CIE 1924 Is Wrong. Trust Your Eyes. 
The standard CIE photopic luminous efficiency function doesn’t match the response of the human eye well at the very short wavelengths.
Meters? Who Needs Meters? 
“Electrical Power Measurement Techniques” is a double-length session that will help attendees avoid blowing lamps, burning control desks, and worse.
Walk Quietly When You’re Over the House 
Theatre consultant Bill Conner of Bill Conner Associates LLC will lead a panel for the session “Catwalks for Technicians, not Models” during LDI.
Decoding the New Fall Protection Code 
ANSI/ASSE Z359.1, Safety Requirements for Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Subsystems, and Components, was massively revised last year…
Is It Cold in Here, or Just Me? Using Cryogens Safely 
“Handling Cryogens Safely” is an ESTA session scheduled for Friday, October 24, from 11:00am. to 12:30pm at LDI.
Got A Match? 
The devil is in the details is a clich, but it's true with the standards commonly used to assess the flammability of scenery: NFPA 701, Standard Methods
The Wrong Switch Can Spoil The Show 
A few weeks ago, I was out of town attending a trade show and doing what most people do in that situation: spending eight hours a day on the show floor
RDM And Flickering Legacies 
The RDM standard is now published, and products are coming on the market that use the methods described in the standard to collect information about equipment
A Yardstick To Define Sharp? 
If you wandered the LDI show floor, looking at various pattern projectors ellipsoidal reflector spotlights, automated spots, and effects projectors did
Serving Up Bits & Bytes: The PLASA Control Protocols Breakfast 
Device Interoperability and Control Protocols A Current Perspective was the fancy name for what has been known as the annual PLASA Control Protocols Breakfast.
Fog Safety Still a Concern for Users and Manufacturers 
"People who always insist that where there's smoke there's fire probably haven't spent much time in the theatre," is how the New York Times' Ben Brantley
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