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You're Surrounded, Part Two: Surround Sound Design In Theatre  1
The following is a continuation of a discussion from You're Surrounded, Part One. I use surround in many ways to achieve different effects, to enhance atmosphere, to unnerve or frighten an audience, or to recreate a particular acoustic.
You're Surrounded, Part One: Surround Sound Design In Theatre 
If you’ve been paying the least bit of attention to this series of ramblings, you’ll have realized that my formative years, aurally speaking, were in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a particularly rich period for innovation, both in terms of music and audio development.
Happy Anniversary!
This is the year of anniversaries, especially that of the Macintosh computer.
Searching In Vain  2
Very rarely have I driven down through a music site search engine until I reach what a computer algorithm thinks is something I might like or find useful.
Upgrade And/Or Die 

I know I tend to bang on about the good old days a bit, but a recent set of problems got me thinking, which is why you’re reading this.

Tooled Up (Warning: Contains Reminiscences And Trade Names) 
Somewhere along the way, I’d lost, loaned, or had purloined almost every one of the tools that had been my constant companions back in those circuit-building and fault-finding days of yore.
Shifting some boxes the other day, I came across the manual for my first new tape machine...
Just A Song (Fully Cleared For Public Performance) At Twilight... 
Obtaining rights for the use of copyright music in theatre productions, both in the US and in the UK, can be a tortuous task. Increasingly, major labels want to negotiate on a per-show basis, but their frame of reference is often limited to film or television, and their awareness of the state of most theatre companies’ financial affairs is virtually nil.
The Smallest Show On Earth 
My almost certain-to-be longest-running sound design ever is not in a theatre or an exhibition. It sits in a gallery in one of London’s most popular historic house museums, The Wallace Collection, in Manchester Square, a stone’s throw away from the busy shopping area that is Oxford Street.
Miking It Better 
Recently, I decided that I needed to add a microphone or two to my microphone stock
It’s All In The Mind, You Know 
I don't normally do Christmas shows; that is, I normally do shows at Christmas, but not those peculiar events known only to the British, called pantomimes.
The Fab Four, Norman, Geoff, Ken, Ken, Richard, Chris, Alan, And Me 
Unless you were on a remote island somewhere in the last couple months, you can't have failed to notice that the entire back catalogue of The Beatles was released to a waiting world
Curb The 'Verb 
John Leonard’s lessons in reverberation
Simply The Best: Using Top Talent For Your Sound 
When I started working freelance in theatre sound, the British Musicians’ Union had a strict rule regarding the recording of music for theatre productions in London’s West End
“Who’s Breathing?” Asked Director Harold Pinter 
The death of Harold Pinter at the end of 2008 was a double loss to the world of theatre, for not only was he a fine and original playwright, but also a remarkable actor
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