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OBADIAH EAVES: Sound Designer Blue must be sound designer and composer Obadiah Eaves' lucky color. He may not notice a pattern, but a quick glance at
Hey kids, follow the blue pawprint! Watch as Steve breaks out of the oversized TV set he's trapped behind and "skidoos" out to the screaming kids and
Spotlight: Michael Gilliam, Theatre LD 
For most of us, getting braces on one's teeth is not exactly a life-changing experience, it's just one of those things to get through. Lighting designer
Screen Time 
What lurks in the unconscious mind of a set designer? Adrianne Lobel certainly found out while working on the Princeton, NJ-based McCarter Theatre's spring
Rude Awakening 
Located two blocks south of Canal Street in the Manhattan neighborhood of Tribeca, Walker Street retains a decidedly old-time New York feel. A bit on
The Torch-Wearers 
"Remember this, Paula--there will be actresses when husbands are a thing of the past." So declares the positively punctilious and delightfully domineering
Jason and the Cyberlights 
"In the future," predicts LD Jason Boyd, "I think lighting design for theatre is going to change completely because of moving lights. There's a whole
Jane Cox, lighting designer 
"Lighting is destiny" may very well be Jane Cox's credo. Had fate taken a slightly different twist, Cox might now be a combination flutist/stablewoman
Youth Movement 
Michael Brown, scenic designer for the current Broadway revival of Arthur Miller's The Price, wasn't even born when the 1968 play was first produced on
Subway syncopation 
Walking into the Players Theater in Greenwich Village last fall, audience members were informed that Keep Bangin', the percussion-based piece they were
Nice Ass! 
Shakespeare expressed what most of us know only all too well: "the course of true love never did run smooth." It didn't run smooth in Shakespeare's
In Memoriam: Patricia Zipprodt, 1925-1999 
Tony Award-winning costume designer Patricia Zipprodt died July 17 at her home in Greenwich Village. She was 74. The cause of death was cancer.Zipprodt
Zinn City 
What's the best part of working in regional theatre? "Well, it gets me out of New York," declares costume designer David Zinn with a laugh. The peripatetic
A Costume Epic 
Whatever theatre's virtues, ease isn't necessarily one of them. Just ask designer Jan Finnell, who had to costume six actors in period late 1800s clothes
Jeff Croiter, Lighting designer 
Never underestimate the lasting impact of the teenage years. Growing up about 20 minutes from midtown New York City in Eastchester, NY, Jeff Croiter's
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