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Synthe-FX Turns Your Apple Gear into a Media Server and Console
Synthe-FX has recently released two different products that exploit DMX via Art-Net to turn your Mac into a media server
LED Lamp? How About No Lamp?
projectiondesign’s latest creation places the hot lamp with its noisy fans up to 30m away from the projector unit itself
Wireless Video Solutions
Why is wireless video so expensive and difficult
Designer’s (Free!) Toolbox: GIMP
GIMP is a cross-platform, extensible, and expandable application that is quite robust and sophisticated.
iPhone Apps: ProjectorCalc and VideoCalc
The variety and versatility of iPhone applications is not a new story. To paraphrase Apple itself, “There’s an app for everything.”
Hands-on Training at its Best
Taking a break today from my usual how-tos and product reviews because I want to talk up the hands-on training we’ve got going on as part of the LDInstitute at LDI in Orlando.
Web Tools: Internet Archive
When I started to write the next chapter, one resource stuck out to me as deserving a column—possibly a book—all to itself: The Internet Archive.
Projection How-Tos 1: Focus Grids
I’ve decided to commit a series of entries to step-by-step instructions on techniques that will help first attempts at projections
Web Tools Check-In: Color
Let's look at a few web tools for designers that have popped up since the last go around. This week, let’s look at two new color tools.
A New Projection Technology in the Mix?
It seems that most of the innovation in the projection technology market these days is going on at the micro scale
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Several weeks ago, I wrote a column in which I speculated about the potential future uses of stereoscopic (3D) projection or imagery in live events.
Cost-Effective Media Solutions: Modul8
Modul8 is popular VJ software from garageCUBE, the Geneva-based collective responsible for a variety of wide-ranging projects including the Mapping Festival, the popular annual VJ event
Will We See 3D in Live Events?
“3D projectors” are really just very high-end standard projectors optimized for pairing and synchronization for polarized stereoscopy or capable of receiving multiple processed inputs for shutter-based stereoscopy
QLab Takes A Quantum Leap
Almost two years ago I dedicated a column to Figure53’s debut of QLab Video. Since then, Chris Ashworth, creator of QLab, has been a busy man
Keeping Up With The Industry
As a professor in design and technology, itʼs the question I get asked more than just about any other

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