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Closer Look: Ovation for Watchout 
Learn how Show Sage has been working with a company called Merging to improve Dataton's Watchout's multi-channel audio support via a product called Ovation...
Closer Look: Derivative TouchDesigner 088 
Derivative has released the next version of the popular visual development platform TouchDesigner. Called version 088, this release packs a new powerful punch on top of an already incredibly versatile piece of software.
How 82,529 Hats Became a Video Screen For Super Bowl XLVIII
On Sunday, 82,529 fans descended on MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, NJ, for what would be the most watched television event in history, to the tune of 111.5 million viewers. Most fans didn’t realize that they would soon be a part of the largest human video screen ever created.
Closer Look: Analog Way Ascender 48 
Analog Way's Ascender 48 is a multi-screen seamless switcher based on the existing LiveCore™ platform, which is already home to the NeXtage 16, SmartMatriX Ultra, and the Ascender 32.
Closer Look: MA VPU 
Over the last couple of years, MA's video tools have been perfected, culminating in the MA VPU (Video Processing Unit).
Closer Look: Dataton Watchpax 
Dataton released Watchpax at NAB 2013 earlier this year. Watchpax is Dataton’s entry into the hardware side of media servers.
Closer Look: Pandora’s Box 5.5 
Coolux recently released Pandora’s Box 5.5, an update to its popular media server platform. This update brings some new functionality not found in previous versions as well as some performance and efficiency boosts.

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