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Movie Madness 
The trend of moving successful movies onto the stage continues with Bullets Over Broadway, the new musical based on Woody Allen’s 1994 film that he wrote and directed, and that won seven Academy Awards.
Act One Technical Drawings And Set Models 
Beowulf Boritt won the 2014 Tony Award for Best Scenic Design of A Play for his outstanding work on Act One, with a three-story set rotating on a turntable.
Projection Product Of The Year, Projector: Christie Digital D4K35
The Christie® D4K35 has native 4K (4,096x2,160) resolution, with DLP® performance and durability.
Gallery: Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet 
Working with its new artistic director, Alexandra Damiani, the company tours worldwide with a selection of works by various choreographers in its repertory.
Projection Product Of The Year, Projection Server: Green Hippo Hippotizer Chipmunk
Chipmunk is the latest addition to Green Hippo’s Hippotizer media server range.
Jim French Lights Cedar Lake
As Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet celebrates its 10th anniversary—including its debut in the Opera House at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on June 11-14—lighting designer Jim French marks his ninth season with the company.
Projection Product Of The Year, Accessory (Tie): Panasonic ET-DLE030 0.38:1 Ultra Short Throw Lens
Panasonic has changed that with ET-DLE030 short-throw lenses for larger format single-chip DLP projectors.
BLMC: Jason Lyons Podcast
Lighting designer Cory Pattak has created a series of designer podcasts, in which he interviews Broadway Lighting Master Classes speaker Jason Lyons.
BLMC: Beverly Emmons Podcast
Beverly Emmons, a featured speaker at the BLMC with her acclaimed color lecture, in a podcast by Cory Pattack from his series on theatrical designers...
BPMC: Ben Pearcy Podcast
Lighting designer Cory Pattak has created a series of designer podcasts called in 1: The Podcast—including Broadway Projection Master Classes speaker Ben Pearcy of 59 Productions...
Projection Product Of The Year, Accessory (Tie): Airflex 5D
The Airflex5D is a 2D/3D projector-stacking system that precisely aligns the images of multiple projectors into one single picture with amplified brightness, or in other words, a little all-in-one device that can do warping and edge-blending on projectors without needing software or servers.
Gallery: Pierre Rigal's Micro
French-born choreographer Pierre Rigal made his debut at the Joyce Theatre in NYC with Micro, a physical piece deconstructing a rock band, with lighting by Frédéric Stoll.
Christopher Barreca’s Scenic Design For Rocky
2014 Tony-nominated designer Christopher Barreca joins the Rocky collaboration panel at the Broadway Lighting Master Classes.
BSMC: Lindsay Jones Podcast
Cory Pattak's series of designer podcasts— in 1: The Podcast—features Broadway Sound Master Classes speaker Lindsay Jones...
5 Questions: Ben Pearcy, 59 Productions
Creative director for 59 Productions, Pearcy—who also does lighting design—works from 59's US headquarters in New York City, and will appear as a featured speaker at the Broadway Projection Master Classes, held at NYU, June 2-3, 2014.

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