David Johnson

Whatever Gets You Through The Night 
Lennon's design provides a different take on the jukebox musical
A Very Special ED 
We've been doing this issue on special education for nearly a decade now, offering up tips and advice to undergrad, graduate, and post-grad design students
Everything's International 
September has long been our international issue, but I'm beginning to think this might be our last one.
A Little Bit of SRO in ED 
So, I've probably got two groups of people scratching their heads right now. The first are those readers of ED, saying what's that SRO logo doing on the cover? And the second are the readers of SRO, saying, what happened to my SRO, and why won't this ...
Surveying The Landscape: Reader Survey 
A joint survey between LD, ED, and SRO gets a reader's view of a convergent industry
The C-Word Strikes Again 
You're probably sick of hearing the word God knows I am. I speak today of what else but that dreaded word, convergence.
Surveying The Landscape: Reader Survey 
We talk a lot about convergence in the pages of this magazine, quoting from top designers, manufacturers, distributors, technicians, and other industry luminaries about their views on the subject, not to mention getting on our own soapbox about it. But ...
Master Classes, Beautiful Master Classes 
I like New York in June, how about you? If so, get thee to the Entertainment Design Master Classes!
Listening And Learning 
USITT is often billed as the education show. To be sure, it's a terrific opportunity for students, teachers, and other educators to meet and share ideas. But I hope those who attend this important show don't think the only people they can learn from are ...
Product Of The Month: Yamaha PM5D Series 
The Yamaha PM5D Series combines the advanced features and self-contained design of the DM2000 with the operating style of the PM1D. A simple “one box” design includes the mix engine, and 64 input channels (48 mono + four stereo analog inputs, four ...
Las Vegas: The New Broadway? 
I was sitting in the Eugene O'Neill Theatre last month, watching the Broadway production of Good Vibrations, and I couldn't shake the feeling that I was somewhere else.
Product Of The Month: Wybron Nexera Series 
What It Does: Nexera is an incandescent fixture with built-in patent pending dichroic CMY color mixing using three colored glass flags that can each be separately controlled up and down to combine any color in the spectrum. Each flag is controlled ...
A Graying Industry? 
An industry leader whose opinion I have the highest respect for recently told me something from which I'm still reeling: “This is a graying industry.” Huh? Wha? To be fair, a little context is in order: we were discussing the schlep that everyone had to ...
Product News 
AUDIO: DPA 4006-TL Microphone DPA has released the 4006-TL with a transformerless preamplifier and a standard 48V phantom power supply to achieve cleaner sound and increased sensitivity. The transformerless design of the 4006-TL removes the risk of ...
Product News 
LIGHTING GAM Products SX4 Slide-In Trays The GAM Products SX4 Slide-In interchangeable trays converts ETC Source Four® Spotlights into a scenic projector or six-gobo changer, for 575W incandescent or HMI sources. The patented system offers a variety of ...
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