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A Force To Be Reckoned With 
The Force has been strong with Joseph Zettelmaier since the late ‘90s, when the most prolific playwright in Michigan turned his attention from acting to writing.
Up, Up, And Away 
Alastar Dimitrie, executive director of the Upper Peninsula Shakespeare Festival, and Jamie Weeder, the theatre’s artistic director, search for a venue in upstate Michigan.
Silence Is Golden 
Director/performer Paata Tsikurishvili and choreographer Irina Tsikurishvili founded Synetic Theatre Company, which produces Shakespeare plays sans dialogue but with evocative soundscapes.
Tragic Kingdom 
The Hypocrites in Chicago opened All Our Tragic—Sean Graney’s adaptation of all the Greek tragedies—last year alley-style, and the team remounted it this summer.
What Is A Projection Editor, Anyway? Part Two 
The field of projection design is changing so rapidly that it’s anybody’s guess just how much the technology will have advanced and how many sub-fields will have developed by the time you read this.
What Is A Projection Editor, Anyway? Part One  2
Before you read on, a word of caution: This story may be obsolete. It was written last month.
Total Immersion: Hamlet 
The Slipstream Theatre did an adaptation of Hamlet, cast spectators as psychiatric experts who were at the Elsinore Asylum to evaluate the all female inmates as they presented the Shakespeare play.
Total Immersion: Crime And Punishment 
Live Action Set (LAS) and Dangerous Productions mounted a fully immersive adaptation of Dostoevsky’s Crime And Punishment (C&P) in the industrial basement of the Soap Factory in Minneapolis.
Grounded, Part Five: Layered Projections, American Blues Theatre 
Check out the American Blues Theatre's production of Grounded, with scenic design by Sarah E. Ross, projection by Mike Tutaj, lighting by Sarah Hughey, and sound by Lindsay Jones.
Grounded, Part Four: Gauze At The Gate Theatre 
The production of Grounded at The Gate Theatre in London featured sets by Oliver Townsend, lighting by Mark Howland, and video by Benjamin Walden.
Grounded, Part Three: As The World Turns, Unicorn Theatre 
The case studies of Grounded continue with the Unicorn Theatre's production, with sets by Gary Mosby, projections by Douglas J Macur, and sound by Greg Mackender.
Grounded, Part Two: A Caged Animal, City Theatre 
Take a closer look at Grounded in the City Theatre Company's production with sets by Anne Mundell, projection by Lawrence Shea, lighting by Martin Vreeland, and sound by Toby Algya.
Grounded, Part One: Creating An Installation, The Public Theatre
In Grounded, a one-woman play by George Brant, a pregnant pilot is reassigned from active combat to handling a drone.
Scenes From Stupid F*cking Bird Productions
See images of Stupid F*cking Bird from four separate productions: Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company; Circle X Theatre Company/Boston Court; University of Michigan; and Sideshow Theatre Company.
Stupid F*cking Bird, Part Two 
Aaron Posner’s riff on Chekhov’s The Seagull. Stupid F*cking Bird visits Ann Arbor, MI and Los Angeles.
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