Daniel Brodie

What I'm Using Now: Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks 
I have always been a fan of Red Giant's Magic Bullet Looks, but more recently I stumbled into using it as a collaboration tool
Offline Media Editing: Why Isn't It More Accessible? 
Projection designers, like other theatrical designers, have a process. They have a methodology that works and that lets them turn an idea on the page to theatrical reality
UVA d3 Media Server Update 
Software updates on the d3 media server revealed...
AutoCAD For Mac OS X 
Last week, Autodesk dropped a bomb on the computer graphics community: AutoCAD will also be released for Mac OS X.
Fade To Black, Really 
Eliminating the effects of video black may be achievable using the right projector
Cheat Codes For Video Formats 
A little cheat sheet to help media designers keep track of all of the settings required to get files playing their smoothest
When I'm Sixty-Four (Bits) 
Software companies like Adobe and Red Giant Software do a good job keeping pace with 64-bit processing.
iPad As Scenic 
Jake Pinholster wrote in his article, "Wireless Video Solutions," that, once we all get Apple iPads, we would be able to eliminate the expensive and usually bulky computer at either end of the wireless video signal chain
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