Catherine McHugh

Rewarding Staging
Imagine if your company won an award for excellence in its field and you were invited to be feted at a gala awards ceremony. Then imagine that, instead of just accepting the award, your company had the opportunity to show those gathered how much you deserve the award by staging the ceremony.
Video Chicks
As the peppy strains of the song “Goodbye Earl” fill Madison Square Garden, the trio known as the Dixie Chicks hit the stage on their current world tour, “Top of the World.” Simultaneously, animated frying pans, hams, and skulls-and-crossbones fly across LED video screens.
All the spiteful former fans who persecuted the Dixie Chicks (lead vocalist Natalie Maines, fiddler Martie Maguire, and Dobro/banjo/guitarist Emily Robison)
A Fortunate Man
How one thing led to another in LD Tom Kenny's career
Staging the Deaf Way
Event for hearing impaired posed host of challenges for organizers.
The Diva's Last Stand
Abigail Rosen Holmes Lights Cher's Farewell Tour
Getting the Party Started
Ethan Weber Lights a Brighter Shade of Pink
Rent-A-Center Goes Wide
As the new CEO of Rent-A-Center (Dallas, TX), Mark Speese wanted to make a really big impact on the company's 2,500 employees who had gathered at Bally's Event Center in Las Vegas in February.
Platinum Blonde Life
David "Gurn" Kaniski Rocks Steady with No Doubt
Britney's Big Splash
All of the (very) young people who are now counting Britney Spears' tour last year as their first live show ever will no doubt be disappointed by every other concert that follows — at least when it comes to sheer spectacle. With 18 trucks of equipment, a full band, eight dancers, the requisite massive lighting and video system, myriad costume changes, and every major special effect ...
Divine Light
John Featherstone Designs Light of the World
Revisiting the Motherland
Jason Boyd sees America with Natalie Merchant
Come On Get Up
Abigail Rosen Holmes lights Janet Jackson
The 2001 EDDY Awards: Willie Williams
Why We Like Him: Well before U2 became a contender for title of greatest rock-and-roll band in the world, Willie Williams was lighting them up in his
Madonna's Dark Side
Much has been made of Madonna's decision to eschew the hit songs that first made her a household name on Drowned World, her first tour in nearly a decade.

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