Wireless Solutions W-DMX BlackBox RP-512 repeater was recently installed in Stoke on Trent, UK, and in Gradara, Italy, to illuminate exterior architectural features by overcoming some tricky environmental obstacles.

In Stoke on Trent, a repeater, acting as a corner bender between the transmitter and receiver setup enabled the signal to cover a distance of 1.4km, in order to control lights illuminating buildings and multi-colored lights in lamp posts. The installation includes two universes and about 100 LED fixtures–all wireless. Wireless Solutions worked in cooperation with Thorn Lighting.

In Italy, a solid stone wall was blocking the signal from reaching the exterior lights of Gradara Castle. Again a repeater–this time placed on top of the stone wall–was used as a corner bender allowing the signal to reach the outside lights. The castle was illuminated with about 200 SGM, Palco, and Riabalta fixtures.

The W-DMX BlackBox RP-512 repeater is used to boost signals, allowing large distances or difficult environments to be covered. The repeater receives the radio signal from a transmitter and performs advanced signal processing before retransmitting. The repeater is widely used in permanent and temporary architectural installations. A robust design, with IP65 classification, makes this unit particularly well suited for demanding environments. The W-DMX BlackBox is a 512-channel plug-and-play repeater, compatible with the full W-DMX product range.