Gothenburg, Sweden, celebrates the festive season with a fabulous outdoor show in the heart of the city. Created with Dataton Watchout, the show consists of images (stills, video and graphics) projected onto the 1,200 square meter facade of the city's art museum. The museum is a natural eye-catcher, overlooking the city's main shopping avenue. The outdoor Watchout show will run around 50 times during December, for an estimated audience of 100,000 people.

"The image quality is superb, and the sync 100% perfect," reports producer Jan Brånå, Eyebrite, Göteborg, a veteran Watchout user and the producer of numerous innovative shows in Scandinavia. Event specialist Massteknik supplied hardware and rigging. The sound track has been specially written for the event and three stacks of projectors provide the giant images.

The show is a key component in Gothenburg's new profile, marketing the city as a Christmas shopping and tourist attraction. Feedback from the general public and press has been extremely good with the local newspaper describing the show as "Lyrical, fun and multi-cultural."