Lighting Technology Projects (LTP) supplied 19 Color Kinetics ColorBlast® 12 wall washing LED fixtures and 128 pieces of Color Kinetics wide-angle iColor® Cove NXT for the main reception of the new Patient Hotel at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

The 150-year-old Great Ormond Street is one of the world’s most famous children’s hospital’s, welcoming more than 90,000 patients a year. It has just completed Phase 1B of an extensive modernization scheme, which has included the £14 million ($24.7 million) Patient Hotel development to provide free long- and short-term accommodation for patients and parents.

To help create an environment that is stimulating and fun for patients, parents, and visitors, the engineering consultant firm Ove Arup designed a colorful lighting scheme for the Hotel’s pre-reception entranceway.

A 6sq.m tiled, frosted glass floor runs the entire width of the Patient Hotel entrance floor and continues up the wall beside a staircase. Forming a giant light box, it’s an eye-catching focal point, programmed with various undulating slow, cross fading patterns.

LTP’s Terry Reeves knew that the ColorBlast 12 was an ideal fixture to under-light the floor section, given the spread of light and even color distribution needed.

To illuminate the wall, Reeves chose the new wide-angle iColor Cove NXT LED, for its very wide emitted light angle and the practicality of using its loom-type wiring detail and compact size. In the wall, the Cove reverse lights the tiles off the matte white rear surface and is attached to the rear of each individual light box surface.

LTP’s contract included the full installation, commissioning and programming of the feature, undertaken by Jonathan Adkins and his team.

GOSH’s new lighting feature is controlled via one of CK’s iPLayer 2 controllers, a compact multiple show storage and playback system accommodating a full DMX universe of 170 individual light addresses. One long show or multiple short shows can be programmed and downloaded to the iPlayer 2 for convenient playback. Reeves supplied the controller together with an eight-button recall pad for hands-on access and the local triggering and changing of show selections. This set up is easily operable by non-technical staff.

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