Snowmasters, which supplies most of the world’s theme parks with special effects, has selected Look Solutions’ Tiny-Fogger and Viper NT fog generators to add atmosphere to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum in Gatlinburg, TN.

Called “the world’s most unusual museum,” the popular attraction showcases artifacts collected by Robert Ripley on his travels around the world documenting the customs and beliefs of many ancient and exotic civilizations. Gallery after gallery offers amazing exhibits of the strange, the shocking, and the unexpected.

“Look Solutions’ foggers are the best on the market,” declares Francisco Guerra, president of Snowmasters, which makes snow machines and evaporative snow. “Ripley’s needed reliable foggers, and they liked the set up of the Look Solutions’ units so we’re using Vipers and Tiny-Foggers for the main ride, a cannon shot, and an automated robot in the museum.”

The battery-operated Tiny-Fogger is palm-sized so it can easily be built into backdrops, puppets, costumes, and props. At its heart is a programmable microprocessor, which controls fog emission and is triggered via a small remote, radio remote option, or directly at the machine. Its low fluid consumption and increased fog time delivers outstanding performance for a battery-powered machine.

The powerful Viper NT fog generator is a compact unit offering fine adjustments of the output for effects ranging from a tiny fog cloud to the thickest fog. DMX 512 control is standard and an LED-display control panel makes the Viper easy to use. The system is also equipped with an internal timer and many new safety features.