The English ale house The Bended Elbow in Geelong, Australia, recently redeveloped the top floor of its premises into a new nightclub, INK. Perth architects Oldfield Knott designed the innovative space with world-class sound and lighting.

Lightmoves provided special effect lighting throughout the venue. The bar was enhanced by the use of Osram color-changing LED strips, which provided key perimeter lighting along the front and back.

Lightmoves also used The Bended Elbow installation to road-test Pulsar’s latest LED luminaire, the Chroma Wall Ellipse. Positioned along the stairways and upstairs lounge areas, the Wall Ellipses combine a decorative element with functional subtle color-changing downlighting. Standard incandescent Horizontal Mini light bud lighting was also used to great effect to light the steps, as well as highlighting the edges of the decorated fabric wall panels and DJ’s console. A total of 10 Chroma MR16 LED downlights were also used to light the bottle displays behind the bars.

As with most Lightmoves installations, an Enttec DMX Streamer with Remote Playback was used to run the color-changing process. The result is an installation with an interface that allows the manager to easily select the color of the room to suit each evening’s mood.