All Portuguese-speaking countries recently came together for the Lusofonia Games, a sporting event held in Macau, a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. With an impressive opening ceremony in the Macau Stadium, Beijing-based lighting director, Simon Leeds and lighting operator, Jason Weng, announced the beginning of seven days of competition between eleven nations, 733 athletes and four continents–all united by their language.

Three grandMA full-size and four NSPs controlled the huge lighting rig which consisted of 400 moving-lights, 60 Sky Art 4k CMY searchlights, and 820 Par Cans, among other things.

“The grandMA was the most suitable due to all the different fixtures being used and its ease of programming,” explains Leeds. “Another important factor for choosing MA Lighting technology was the effects engine which helped to produce some of the spectacular moving effects used during the event.”

Beijing Color was the lighting and projection contractor. China Central Television produced the event for COJOL the Lusofonia Organizing Committee.

The Lusofonis Games included eight sports, three individual sports, and five team sports. In total there were 48 events such as Basketball, Athletics, Football, Volleyball, and Table tennis. In 2009 the Lusofonia Games will return to Portugal.