LA based UV/FX Scenic Productions has collaborated with Magnum Opus, a multidisciplinary design studio located in Singapore, in the design and production of a dual image exhibit housed in the newly constructed National Trade Union Congress Awareness Centre in Singapore. The exhibit highlights the conflicts and victories of Singapore’s Trade Union.

The six-month collaboration yielded photorealistic images, in the form of a dual image exhibit panel designed and rendered manually by UV/FX designer Jon Craine. The images were based on reference material provided by the client as well as additional research.

"The client wanted the artwork to tell the story of the Singapore Trade Union's historical struggle and triumph during the mid to later twentieth century," says Craine. "But the client wanted something to make the stories of these pioneers vibrant and engaging."

According to UV/FX principle Richard Green, "Rather than going the direction of a one-dimensional exhibit of static photos and boring text, UV/FX offered the client a dynamic means to present their story: a dual image that would magically transition between the stories through the addition and subtraction of ultraviolet light."

The dual image, which is one of UV/FX's signature effects, consists of a single substrate that contains two images: one, which is visible under ambient light, and another that is only visible under ultraviolet lighting. "When the ambient white light in the environment is eliminated and the ultraviolet light is introduced," says Green. "The ambient image vanishes and is replaced by an incredibly vibrant and colorful UV image."

As you can see in the accompanying project photos, the range of color and detail that can be achieved is stunning. "We're not talking about hokey black light art, here," says Craine. He continues, "Our custom formulated UV pigments, in combination with our experience and design know-how, sets us way beyond what anybody else is doing, or is capable of doing."

The piece also included a third image, which was produced by digital video. The ambient image was designed to incorporate a projection area for the video, which heightened the dynamic nature of the exhibit.

Magnum Opus's Project Designer Lai Yee concludes, "The Experience Room was the highlight of the exhibition. All were impressed. I received personal congratulations from the Prime Minister [of Singapore] immediately after the show! So, let's give ourselves a big pat on our backs and look forward to doing something bigger and better."