The Swiss-Hungarian artist couple Dorkandkozma performed its latest outdoor Raypainting exhibition set to music at Erzsébet Bridge in Budapest from around sunset until sunrise on June 25. Dorkandkozma is the alias for the visual and industrial artists Dora Berkes and Peter Kozma, who have developed and applied Raypainting, their own trademarked activity of projection on buildings and cityscapes.

Celebrating a midsummer's night, the artists projected a special Raypainting onto the bridge, a new challenge for the couple compared to former works. One of the largest and brightest outdoor projections in the world, they used 38 special slide projectors from Pani Projection and Lighting GmbH with a total power of more than 200,000W. Almost 49,000 sq.ft. were “raypainted,” and approximately 30,000 people witnessed the public art performance.

In order to achieve the required brightness, the 984'-long bridge was projected from two sides from four projection towers with six Pani BP 6 GTs and two Pani BP 12s per side.

The artists also projected onto the driving surface of the bridge via 10 Pani Arc 2, four Pani BP 2.5, and Pani BP 4 projectors. Two 131'-high pylons were projected by the Pani BP 12.